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BeadSmith Brand Soutache Imported Soutache Luxury Italian Soutache
  • BeadSmith Brand Soutache

    BeadSmith brand soutache is of medium density and varies in fiber content - some colors are rayon and some are polyester. Despite the fact that the rayon colors are shiny and the polyester is matte, they are very consistent in terms of width and play well together.

    SAD BUT TRUE: Many colors of our BeadSmith brand soutache are being discontinued by the wholesaler. We will keep as much of it available for as long as possible but when it's gone, it's gone.
  • Imported Soutache

    Imported Soutache is the least dense of all our soutache products - it's soft and floppy and really easy to pass a needle through. It was our very first soutache product and - while we still enjoy working with it - it has become very difficult to get. We have been slowly phasing it out so, stock up now because when it's gone, it's gone.
  • Luxury Italian Soutache

    Luxury Italian Soutache is exactly what its name implies - luxurious. It has a higher density so, at first, it may feel like it takes a bit more work to get the needle through (hint: try a thinner beading needle - like a size 12!) but the results are worth it. With gorgeous colors, perfectly consistent sheen, width and drape, Luxury Italian Soutache is the choice for making high-quality, heirloom pieces.